About Empowered Fitness Training

About Us

A Message from the Founder

"I lost 125lbs. I have a unique understanding of the struggles involved. Since then I have used my success, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities to help people just like you achieve their health and fitness goals. I can help you, too."

- Jeff P. Wood

About Empowered Fitness Training

Empowered Fitness Training (Health Fitness Complete, LLC) is first and foremost a Personal Training facility focused on delivering customized exercise programming in a 1-on-1 or partner training setting. Second, we offer group classes called Burst Workouts. These are fast-paced 30-minute classes designed to rev your metabolism and blast away fat, delivering results in less time. We also provide Health & Fitness Coaching, Take-Anywhere Exercise Programs, and Nutrition Counseling. With our approach we're Changing the Way Fitness is Done in Ellensburg!

Mission Statement

We're Changing the Way Fitness is Done in Ellensburg by providing superior fitness training services using modern training methods based on the foundations of human movement.