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Workout of the Day

Our main class is a challenging 45-minute workout that is designed to improve strength and fitness. We offer full body strength training, cardio HIIT, and other classes as written by the training staff.

Strength Training Days

Immediately following the warm up each Strength Training class starts with a fundamental lift ("Lift of the Day") using a barbell. Since this is our strength lift we do it first and do it heavy. After we complete all our sets of the Lift of the Day we move into the rest of our full body resistance training program utilizing Kettlebells, Dumbbells, TRX, and more and perform a number of sets of different exercises designed to hit all of the remaining major movement patterns. Then, we end with a metabolic finisher to empty the gas tank and increase your EPOC after the workout, allowing you to continue to burn more calories at rest into the next day.

Additionally, we do "Strength Endurance" days where we skip the barbell and perform a strength workout using various implements and formats.

Cardio HIIT Days

Our Cardio HIIT Classes offer challenging intervals, TABATAs, AMRAPs, Circuits, game-like dice or card workouts, and more utilizing a wide variety of different tools such as slam balls, rowers, plyo boxes, sledgehammers, and much more or a cardio workout that is both unique and effective.

Other Days

We like to shake it up occasionally and do other types of workouts. A real popular one right now is our Abs, Thighs, and Glutes WOD, for example. We also like to do bithday workouts (special workouts requested by and performed for a birthday person), special event workouts, and others!

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Burst is our beginner-level fitness class. They are 30-minute, high-efficiency classes designed with simplicity in mind. Each day brings a different workout that will help build strength, endurance, and rev the metabolism. The workouts involve TRX, Rings, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Body Weight Moves, and more. If our Workout of the Day seems too intimidating, or you have not worked out before or recently, the Burst is a good place to start. We never use the big barbells in our Burst classes.

Each day we work on the following:

While folks often will do both Burst and Workout of the Day, often back to back, it should be noted that Burst is intended to be its own program with its own schedule and those who choose both may experience overlap or days of back-to-back training of similarly used muscle groups.

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Barbell Conditioning (with Olympic Lifts)

Barbell Conditioning is a barbell-based cardio weight lifting class centered around performing Olympic Lifts and Barbell Complexes. Offered on Saturday, each week we will alternate between the Power Clean and the Power Snatch. The Olympic Lift is our "Lift of the Day" for this class and after having completed all the required sets we spend the remaining time working our our Barbell Complex.

A complex is a series of exercises you do back-to-back without ever setting down the weight until the end of each set. Each exercise transitions seamlessly to the next to provide a flow or rhythm to the workout. The barbell is loaded with a relatively light weight to ensure you can do all the prescribed repetitions on all the exercises. It's a great alternative to boring steady-state cardio and is a lot of fun, especially with a partner!

IMPORTANT: This class is NOT intended for beginners. You must be able to perform Deadlift, Squat (front and back), Overhead Press, Clean, and Snatch in order to participate in this class.

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Boxing is a high paced group fitness class suitable for all ages and skill levels. The class features both boxing techniques and drills combined with aerobic and anaerobic exercise to provide a blast to your metabolism. All equipment required will be provided so all you need to bring is the hard work! No matter your level of experience Boxing is a great way to gain some self-defense skills. Come have fun, learn boxing techniques, and get a great workout!

The class will start after the general warm-up on the TRX with learning some boxing technique and then practicing through drills. After that we'll do high intensity conditioning workout. Lastly the general cool down will be performed before ending class.

This class is suitable for ages 13 and above.

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CoreWOD is a 30-Minute Blast to your Abs, Obliques, Back, and Hips that will help you develop a solid core. The focus of this class is to develop deep and superficial abdominals, obliques, and hips through a variety of exercises that take us through all the different planes of motion. The class can be scaled for beginners and experienced exercisers alike. Like our WOD, the class is different each time.

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Daily stretching routines to optimize your Range of Motion, Boost Athletic Performance, and Accelerate Recovery.

We currently perform the shortened version of ROMWOD at the conclusion of the 5:30pm WOD not as an official class but as the cool down for the 5:30pm class. We also offer ROMWOD on a drop-in basis for one person at a time or by appointment.

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