Our main offering, Group Training offers Weight Training and HIIT Classes on alternating days, plus Open Gym Access and other benefits for class participants. Click for more information.
Our Fitness Professionals will design an exercise program specific to your unique needs and will guide you from start to finish in a 1-on-1 or semi-private setting. Click for more information.
Trainerize offers you access to our Exercise Program Library, allows you to track workouts, stats, and much more!.
We offer both Classes and Personal Training for boxing with our fitness professional Travis. Click for more information.

Unlimited Group Training Membership


NO 1-Year Contract
NO Set Up Fees

Unlimited Access to ALL Classes.
Open Gym Access Hours Available
Exclusive Access to Workshops, Special Events, & Challenges
Rewards Points & Referral Discounts

Add a Family Member
for just $20/mo
(Choose the Couples Membership
or set up in the gym any time.)


NO 1-Year Contract
NO Set Up Fees

For you and your spouse, enjoy our Unlimited Group Training Membership with the best value for couples in Ellensburg!

Add all Family Members
living in your household
for just $10/mo
(Set up in the gym any time.)

Online Classes
& Programs: +$10/mo

Add access to Trainerize for:
Online Classes (for at-home users), or
Online Programs (for use in a home or commerical gym).

Evolution Nutrition
Meal Planning: +$15/mo

We've partnered with Evolution Nutrition to make meal planning simple. Have one of our Fitness Professionals create a meal plan for you, or customize your own with the online platform.


Have one of our Fitness Professionals create an exercise program tailored specifically to your unique needs! Choose a trainer below:

Travis Heinz, B.S. Exercise Science, B.S. Nutrition

Travis works with a wide variety of clients to develop fitness and healthy lifestyles. He is the head of the Ellensburg Boxing Club and incorporates boxing into his training. He also offers nutrition counseling. Travis interned with Jeff for 6 months before graduating from CWU.

Schedule Online with Travis

We now offer Online Classes, Programs, and Personal Training that you can use anywhere or in addition to our other services in our studio!

Online Classes are available to at-home users and are designed for minimal exercise equipment. We're currently running our Stay Home, Stay Strong series that we started during the shut down.

Online Programs are available for users with access to a home or commercial gym and want programming written by a Fitness Professional to take their results to the next level.

Online Classes & Programs Membership offers your choice of Online Classes or Online Programs for just $34.99/month.

Online Personal Training is customized exercise programming tailored to your unique needs then delivered online. Your program can be either fully online for you to use in your home gym or a commercial gym, or as a hybrid of online and in-person at our training studio. Each trainer sets their own rates.



Travis offers Boxing as a part of his personal training programs and also instructs our boxing classes Monday - Thursday at 6:30pm. Both the boxing classes and personal training are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced participants, though personal training offers more one-on-one attention and more advanced practice.

Schedule a FREE Consultation with Travis


Membership Pricing:

Boxing Membership: Access to strictly our Boxing classes, without having to pay for the full membership.

OR INTERFERE WITH, PARTICIPATION IN HIGH INTENSITY FULL BODY WORKOUTS. Those with special needs should pursue personal training instead.

We've partnered up with Evolution Nutrition to deliver simple and effective meal planning and nutrition management to our members and clients.

This isn't a calorie counter or tracker--This is a meal planner that looks ahead to plan what you need to help you reach your health and fitness goals. You will be provided with a log in to view your meal plan, make any necessary changes, view/print shopping lists, and more. You can create your own meal plan or you can request one from us!

There are over 4200 meal plans created by registerd dietitians spanning multiple categories, from balanced nutrition, to keto-focused, and many others, and can be tailored to fit your needs.

Currently we're offering this as an add-on to our Group Training, Personal Training, and Online Training Prorams. See us in the gym for details!

Log In to Evolution Nutrition



Add On for all training services: $15/mo per person
Included in the price of Jeff's Personal Training.

The MINDBODY App allows you to easily pre-register for classes in fewer steps than our mobile web app or website. You can even sync with your FitBit to allow you reach your goals! Download it today on your iPhone or Android. You may continue to use our website and mobile web app as well if you prefer.

More Information


Empowered Fitness Training is a Training Gym. Our main services are Group Training Classes and Personal Training.

All other services, including open gym access, are supplementary to our main programs.

We prefer that you do. Simply click or tap the sign up button while viewing our schedule.

Pre-registration allows for better class planning, resource allocation, and preparation. The online pre-registration window closes 30-minutes before the start of class--be sure to get signed up!

We offer rewards points for those who pre-register online and then attend the class they sign up for. After a period of time these points can be redeemed and used toward your membership fees. Full details are available in the gym.

If you hold our Unlimited Group Training Membership and refer a friend who is not a family member and they sign up for the full priced Unlimited Group Training Membership you will receive 10% off your monthly membership fees for as long as they maintain their membership. You can do this for up to five (5) qualifying referrals for a monthly discount of up to 50% off! Full details are available in the gym.

We offer 2 memberships

  • Unlimited Group Training
  • Boxing Only

Unlimited Group Training Membership

Our main membership, Unlimited Group Training, is priced as follows:

Individual: $49.99/mo +tax, Monthly AutoPay

Couples: $69.99/mo +tax, Monthly AutoPay
For you and your spouse. You may sub your spouse with one (1) immediate family member living in the same household.
No cousins, in-laws, or any other non-immediate family members.

The Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited Access to ALL Classes.
  • Open Gym Access Hours Available (See Gym for Hours)
  • Exclusive access to Work Shops, Special Events, and Challenges.
  • Rewards Points and Referral Discounts Available**

Boxing Only

Our Boxing/Kickboxing classes are offered Monday - Thursday at 6:30pm. The first half of the class centers on techniques, instruction, practice, and drills while the second part of the class offers a conditioning workout that changes daily. We offer our Boxing/Kickboxing Membership as seen below. These classes are also included in our Unlimited Group Training Membership.

Individual: $29.99/mo +tax, Monthly AutoPay

The membership includes:

  • Access to our Boxing classes at 6:30pm Mon-Thur.

We do not currently use any 1-year contracts or set up fees for any of our services.

We're not currently offering punch cards. However, our Unlimited Group Training Membership offers a high value for regular participants in any of our classes.

Participants in the Burst Workouts of 2019-2020 who were already purchasing via punch cards may continue to do so.

Please call us at 509-925-1810 or visit in person and speak to Jeff directly to make any changes to your membership.

Please do not attempt to send messages via text, Facebook, Instagram, or email. These methods are neither direct nor reliable and we cannot guarantee that we will receive them.

Jeff is the only one authorized to make changes to your membership. Please make sure you speak to him directly and he will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

Depending on how recent the injury is or how much it limits you, you may be able to attend classes. Participants in our Workout of the Day are expected to be able to Squat, Deadlift, and Overhead Press without pain. Our Burst Workouts are a suitable substitution for those who are concerned about performing those exercises, and alternative exercises are available in most situations.

Those who are concerned about previous injuries are highly encouraged to seek out Personal Training instead. These programs are tailored made specific to your unique needs and we can provide you with the 1-on-1 attention you need to ensure you the best possible experience.

Each trainer has their own rates. Please schedule a FREE Consultation with the trainer of your choice to learn more about pricing.

(509) 925-1810

We strive to answer all calls promptly. If for any reason you reach our voice mail please leave a message. This number is a landline and does not receive text messages.

Visit us at 202 N Pine St, Ellensburg

Summer Staff Hours (Father's Day thru Labor Day):
Summer Hours Subject to Temporary or Early Closures based on Training and Class Schedules. Mid-afternoon closures likely. Please call ahead to verify if in doubt.

Monday 5:00am - 7:30pm
Tuesday 5:00am - 7:30pm
Wednesday 5:00am - 1:00pm, 5:00pm - 7:30pm
Thursday 5:00am - 7:30pm
Friday 5:00am - 1:00pm

Normal Staff Hours (September - June):

Monday - Thursday
5:00am - 7:30pm

Friday 5:00am - 1:00pm

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